Magnum Chocolate – Magnificent!

Emma Handley

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I always liked those Magnum Ice Creams. It was the thick silky chocolate that really did it for me. Now you can buy Magnum Chocolate!! The range comes in bars, boxes, milk, dark and white and assorted chocs! This is lovely, the milk chocolate has that smooth quality with a deep flavour that is a luxurious treat, the dark a little more bitter but still retaining that chocolate taste I love and the white is indeed very good – when you open these bars you can smell the chocolate, always a good sign. These are perfect from celebrations and as presents. Delicious!!


The Magnum Chocolate Collection

The boxes are very special containing salted caramel, intense raspberry, double chocolate, almond classic, praline crunch and finished with a classic milk chocolate Magnum disc. Very good for parties and celebrations, an ideal gift.

Magnum Chocolate Thins

Deliciously smooth thins, delivering the distinctive Magnum crack, as well as the signature Magnum ‘M’ stamp.

  • Perfect for contemporary gifting the thins are available in three different flavours –
  •  Classic Magnum signature milk chocolate,
  • Espresso, single origin dark Magnum chocolate with intense coffee and cocoa nibs
  • Mint, dark Magnum chocolate combined with a natural premium mint

Magnum Signature Chocolate Bars

Magnum signature block chocolate is perfect for sharing with friends (or just for you!). The premium chocolate bar features the signature Magnum ‘M’ in the centre. All you have to do is to decide how to eat it…nibble around the edge until all that remains is the iconic Magnum ‘M’, or devour with abandon pleasure!

Available in three delicious flavours;-

  • Smooth Magnum Classic milk chocolate
  • Single origin dark Magnum chocolate with cocoa nibs
  • Creamy white chocolate with Madagascan vanilla pods

Magnum Chocolate Almond Bar

An irresistible new Magnum chocolate bar, featuring a rich almond truffle, roasted almond pieces covered in a double layer of thick Magnum white chocolate and Magnum classic milk chocolate. Perfect for your moment of pleasure.

The new chocolate range is currently available in most major grocery stores and retailers.

  • Magnum Chocolate Collection: £6.00 RRP per box (180g) or £12.00 RRP per box (280g)
  • Magnum Thins: £5.00 RRP per box (180g)
  • Magnum Chocolate Almond Bar: £0.80 RRP per bar (25g)
  • Magnum Signature Chocolate: £1.69 RRP per bar (90g)

To explore the whole range, please visit