Make a Hated Chore a Practical Gift

Make a Hated Chore a Practical Gift

Surveys carried out in 2016 by the Kent & Surrey Courier1, the Bristol Post2 and the Daily Mirror3 revealed that oven cleaning is the most hated household task in Britain. Other jobs in the Top 20 of householders could easily live without compiled from the combine data of these surveys include:

  • Cleaning fridges, windows (particularly exteriors) and bathrooms
  • Vacuuming (especially stairs) and defrosting freezers
  • Ironing, dusting and removing those dreaded long hairs from plug holes
  • Getting down to clean skirting boards
  • Cleaning underneath/behind heavy furniture
  • Repairing tiles, polishing ornaments/silverware and sewing/repairing clothes
  • Clearing out wardrobes, painting garden fences and repairing the toilet flush
  • Clearing food cupboards, organising sheds/garages and moving the lawn

The inside of a stove oven


Thanks to the TAAOC (The Association of Approved Oven Cleaners), you can give someone the gift of both peace of mind and freedom by arranging a professional oven cleaning appointment for them.

TAAOC Members

Fully trained and compliant with both health & safety and employment laws, members of the TAAOC work in strict compliance with the association’s Customer Charter. To customers, this means:

  • They will invariably be treated in a fair, ethical, lawful and professional manner
  • Prices are set at reasonable rates
  • Appointments are arranged to suit householders
  • No caustic/toxic substances will be used to clean the oven

Furthermore, oven shelves/racks are cleaned in the back of the oven cleaning operator’s van, where specifically designed dipping tanks have been installed to enable this task to be carried out safely and securely.

Advantages of Using Professional Oven Cleaners

Highly skilled, experienced and equipped with all the tools necessary, approved oven cleaners will clean your loved one’s oven and bring it back to its original shining glory quickly and in a safe, Eco-friendly fashion.

Peace of Mind and Freedom

What’s more, by taking this hated chore of their hands, they are also giving them peace of mind that neither the cleaning process nor any bacteria lurking in a messy oven are going to affect their family’s health, as well as the freedom to use their spare time to relax or enjoy their favourite activity free of guilt.

A Gift Everyone Will Appreciate

Whether you are saying thank you for a life time’s worth of delicious meals and glorious cakes or treating someone for their birthday, an anniversary or Christmas; Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, a professional oven cleaning appointment is an affordable, practical and thoughtful gift every recipient, male or female, will appreciate any time and for any occasion.


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