Meantime Beer Gift Collections

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Whether you are still looking for Father’s Day gifts or want to treat someone else to a special gift, the Meantime Beer Gift Collections are the perfect answer.

Meantime Taste Collection Gift Pack

Beer Gift Collections - Meantime Chocolate PorterThis wonderful selection includes fruity, spicy and rich, mellow & warming beers from Meantime’s core collection, as well as a gorgeous balloon glass. Beers included in this pack consist of 1 x 300ml bottle each of Wheat Beer, IPA and Coffee Porter; Raspberry Wheat and Chocolate Porter. Available directly from Meantime, this pack has an RRP of £24.99.

London Collection Gift Pack

The perfect choice for heritage lovers keen on the provenance and history of beer (yet with a modern twist), this pack contains 2 balloon glasses and a 750ml bottle each of IPA and London Porter. The London Collection Gift Pack also has an RRP of £24.99.

Both packs are available directly from the online Meantime store.


Meantime Brewery Tour

Another fantastic idea is to treat your Dad, husband or brother – or indeed any other special friend or loved one – to a 2-hour tour of the Meantime Brewery in Greenwich, London (£17.99/person).

Participants get to see the working brewery, get insights into the making of Meantime beer and have a tutored tasting session. At the end of the tour, everyone heads to the brewery’s ‘Tasting Rooms’, a bar at the brewery’s very heart to enjoy a pint.

My Verdict

I had a chance to try out the Meantime Taste Collection Gift Pack – and it was an absolute pleasure! These fine beers are a revelation and well worth trying! My favourites are the Chocolate Porter (trust me, it works wonderfully!) and the Raspberry Wheat, while my husband immensely enjoyed the Wheat beer and the IPA.

If the London Collection Gift Pack is anywhere near as good as this one, both will make fantastic presents for all occasions, as, of course, will the Brewery tour. Highly recommended.