Monster High Gore- Geous Ghoul ‘Anti-Styling’ Styling Head

Monster High Gore- Geous Ghoul ‘Anti-Styling’ Styling Head

Halloween just got a whole lot more fun – and spookier – with the Gore- Geous Monster High Ghoul ‘Anti-Styling’ Styling Head by Just Play.


Designed for little lady monsters age six and up, the glow-in-the-dark Monster High Gore- Geous Ghoul ‘Anti-Styling’ Styling Head comes complete with glass laboratory style bell jar display case and 30 fiendish, monster-themed accessories including creeptastic tattoos, grisly hairpieces and bright neon, fang-tastic hair extensions; mysterious make-up to make the head’s eyes appear to follow onlookers around the room; ghoulish jewellery, headwear and a selection of other beastly accessories. The base of the bell jar display unit features ‘hidden’ storage facilities to keep all these freaky accessories safely together and out of harm’s way.

The number and varying types of included accessories makes it possible for young girls to let their creative and perhaps a little monstrous imagination run wild and create all sorts of creepy cute looks for their Monster High Gore- Geous Ghoul ‘Anti-Styling’ Styling Head. Once styled, the head can be placed into the bell jar for a fun Halloween display and/or to frighten unwelcome visitors (like little – or older – brothers creeping in for a prank) to ‘her’ room. But the fun does not end with a single styling, because the head can be styled and restyled different spooky looks over and over again.

Promising hours of scary creative fun not just for Halloween, the Monster High Gore- Geous Ghoul ‘Anti-Styling’ Styling Head is without doubt worth its RRP of £29.99. This toy will definitely make a fiendishly great gift for daughters, nieces or granddaughters; friends’ kids or BFFs (‘best friends forever’), regardless of whether it is given for birthdays; for Halloween, Christmas or other special occasions. It is currently available from Smyths Toys, Argos and Amazon; Tesco and other retailers.

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