Mother’s Day Drinks!

Mother’s Day Drinks!

Kingsland Drinks are an independent UK supplier of wine and spirits, and really have a fabulous collection to choose from. Any of these bottles would make an excellent gift for mum on Mother’s Day, or even for any other celebration you might have. With such an array of wines available, choosing the right one can be difficult. However, I had the chance to sample a few (different from What I usually drink) and was not disappointed. From sparkling wines to flavoured wines, each one was very different but also extremely delicious.

With the help of my girlfriends (whilst hubby was away), we sampled the 4 bottles below: –

  • Mr. Gladstones Curious Emporium – Rhubarb & Custard flavour
  • Mr. Gladstones Curious Emporium – Pear Drop Flavour
  • Shorn Fizz
  • Live to Sparkle

I must admit that our favourite was the Live to Sparkle, but that didn’t stop us from sampling the others.

Mr. Gladstones Curious Emporium (£4.99)

“Hidden away in his workshop, Mr Gladstone puts the finishing touches to his latest creation. An eccentric he may be, but his genius knows how to create something spectacular. The extraordinary flavours from his Confectionery Emporium are crafted together with his secret ingredient to produce a masterpiece. A sweet sensation. He named it ‘Curious Emporium’.”

Mr. Gladstones Curious Emporium Pear Drop flavour is created using 100{beaaa18c7111f78171f7049db4a26534557444383bfe8747491a307dda3fec2c} natural flavours which give us a refreshing flavoursome tipple. Infused with the traditional confectionary or Pear Drops, this wine delivers a very drinkable and not overly too sweet drink. Perfect served over ice, I can assure you that this will be an ideal drink on a hot sunny day.

Mr. Gladstones Curious Emporium Rhubarb & Custard flavour is created the same way as the Pear Drop, but infused with the classic Rhubarb & Custard confectionary. Personally, this was my favourite out of the two bottles, but 2 of my friends preferred the Pear drop – it’s all down to personal tastes at the end of the day!

Either of these would make a uniquely different gift to anyone. You can buy Mr. Gladstones Curious Emporium flavoured wines from HERE.


Live to Sparkle (£8.50)

For those who are fond of a little sparkle, this bottle of Live to Sparkle is ideal! This was my personal favourite and would highly recommend it to anyone. The wine itself is fresh, fruity and very bubbly – it doesn’t lose the bubbles either due to the bottling process and smaller C02 bubbles diffused into the wine. With tasting notes of strawberry and watermelon, it makes a lovely refreshing sparkly drink for any occasion. The bottle itself fantastically girly and sophisticated – I know mum would love this as a gift on Mother’s Day! You can purchase ‘Live To Sparkle’ HERE.

Shorn Fizz (£8.75)

Kingsland Drinks have modern technology that adds bubbles by turning the wine into ‘mist’ that then falls through a saturated CO2 atmosphere. This create a super soft type of fizz, and is very apparent when sampling the Shorn Fizz.  Made from New Zealand Pinot Grigio Grapes, this sparkling wine is fresh and fruity with the added flavours of pear and apple. Honestly, this isn’t one of my favourites, but as with Mr. Gladstones Curious Emporium, it’s your own taste preference that counts! You can buy Shorn Fizz from HERE.

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