Motif Personalised Photo Gifts

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Motif Photos is a fantastic personalised photo printing service in which you can create a stunning photo project within a matter of seconds. This is a premier photo book app for macOS and iOS, which uses smart technology to select your very best images with optimal focus, clarity, lighting, people, image orientation, panoramas, and much more.

With so many Christmas present options out there, Motif provides the perfect personalised gift guaranteed to make Christmas more meaningful for many.

The free-to-download app on iOS and MacOS helps users create exquisite photo books, calendars and cards using your most precious photos you have taken over the years. And it’s simple to use to! Just download the iOS Motif app via the App Store on your iPhone or iPad or Mac and open the App to get creating your amazing photo products. The Motif website is full of guidance, tips and tutorials helping you to create the perfect masterpiece.

Motif for macOS

On macOS you can create beautiful photo books, calendars, and cards. These can be personalised with text turning your treasured memories into long lasting mementos. Motif runs on Apple Photos on macOS. No exports, transfers, or uploads are needed, so within a few clicks your photo project is complete – completely hassle free!

Motif for iOS

The beauty of this is that your photos can be turned in a keepsake anywhere, anytime, from your fingertips. The App helps you select the very best photos on your iPhone and iPad, aiding you to create the perfect gift easily. Choose from a variety of colours, patterns, and design aesthetics, and create a piece that is perfect for you.

Motif says –

“Motif’s intelligent technology automatically analyses each of your photos. It checks focus, clarity, lighting, people, faces, image orientation, panoramas, duplicates, and much more. Only the best images are recommended to build your photo story. Motif can automatically flow your best photo images through 80+ professionally built layouts. It balances image orientations and optimizes image centering and cropping. In seconds, review your personalised photo project, with layered texture, diverse layout, and exceptional design.”

These professional photo products make thoughtful and affordable gifts for that special person this Christmas; celebrating everything from a new baby in the family, to a romantic holiday, to an epic compilation of favourite memories, with photo books starting from £6.99 and calendars from £15.99.

I highly recommend Motif for all your intimate gifts for Christmas and celebrations throughout the year. Please visit for more information.