Mulled Oranges Home Candle by Heir & Grace

Mulled Oranges Home Candle by Heir & Grace

There is nothing quite like scented candles to create a festive atmosphere during the Christmas holiday. Heir & Grace’s Christmas classic, the ‘Mulled Oranges’ scented candle has the perfect combination of warming notes of cinnamon and clove; nutmeg and a heart of glazed orange to really make your home smell and feel like Christmas this year.


Lovingly hand-crafted in small batches and poured into stylish glass containers by Heir & Grace’s Windsor-based candle makers (by hand), each 200 g candle consists of luxurious waxes that have been slowly blended with generous amounts of richly fragranced oils to provide room-filling, beautiful scents. Featuring a creamy, smooth texture and burn times up to 45 hours, each candle is quality checked by hand and supplied with a care card signed by Heir & Grace candle makers to confirm their quality and the makers’ pride in the result.

Decorated with 21 carat gold logos (sprayed) and presented in matt black, gold-foiled gift boxes for a touch of decadence, the Mulled Oranges Christmas Candle is available from Heir & Grace at just £36.

Gorgeous to look at both in and out of its box and gradually filling the room with an unbelievably delicious smell, the Mulled Oranges Candle is a stunning, affordable gift that can be enjoyed not just for Christmas, but throughout the whole year.

Whether you are looking for the perfect center-piece for your Christmas dining table or a sensational Christmas, birthday or ‘just-so’ gift for a dear family member or friend, this candle is definitely worth its price and will take place of pride in any home – and if the scent of this candle is not quite what you were looking for, Heir & Grace also have a range of other, equally delightful options available both in the 200 g size and in a smaller (75 g; 20 hours burning time; £18) Travel Candle size.

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