Muso DJ

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Muso DJ is the ideal game for music lovers this Christmas. This is the world’s first card game you play with music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, & Amazon Music. Muso DJ is the music playlist party game you will want to play again and again – absolutely perfect for Christmas day with the family!

Aim of the game

Muso DJ is suitable for 2-10 players. Each player takes it in turns to be the DJ and plays a song or picks an artist that relates to the category on their playlist card. Playlist Card Categories include Guilty Pleasures, I Know All The Words, Disco Fever and Girl Power, making the playlist a great mix of hits to listen to!  Players will then score points if they can guess the artist, the song title and the playlist category.

Everyone plays at once, either by playing a tune (you all get to be the DJ) or taking a guess at the answer. Even if you are not a popular music fan or a fan of quiz games, this DJ game is one of the few music games that teens to adults can enjoy. This really is a music party game with a difference, and you will all have so much fun playing it.

No matter what the occasion, Muso DJ will get the conversation flowing. You get to listen to music, chat about your choices and most importantly, enjoy time and have a laugh with family and friends.


Muso DJ comes with 150 playlist music cards, 100 bonus point cards, 20 sing cards and instructions. It really is the perfect music-lovers party game, helping you make clues out of over 40 million songs; which songs will you choose?

Suitable for kids aged 12+. Muso DJ is ideal music game for parties and dinners. If you like music, love music or even live for music this game is perfect. Muso DJ is available from Amazon, Waterstones, John Lewis and Argos and has a RRP of £19.99.