MW Studio ‘Daddy & Me’ Coin Keyring

Image showing the 'My Daddy & Me' Coin Keyring

MW Studio ‘Daddy & Me’ Coin Keyring

MW Studio’s hand-engraved ‘Daddy & Me’ Coin Keyring is the perfect gift for dads from their ‘little ones’ this Christmas.

The ‘Daddy & Me’ Coin Keyring

Image showing the 'My Daddy & Me' Coin KeyringFeaturing a silver (925) plated, brass base disk (3.25 cm diameter) a coin for Dad and up to three coins for children, this stunning ‘Daddy & Me’ keyring can be personalised in two ways:

The base disk can be purchased with the standard ‘Daddy & Me’ inscription or personalised with up to 30 characters of your choice

For Dad, a coin (UK coins only) bearing Dad’s year of birthday is selected, while each child’s coin will bear the child’s year of birth

Available coins include pennies, 5-pence pieces, half-pennies or shillings and years include anything from 1920 to 2016. MW Studio will also attempt to accommodate for other years and/or more coins upon request.

Each individual keyring is hand-engraved using metal stamping methods, making every one of these lovely coin keyrings a totally unique gift. Available from MW Studio at prices starting from £21.75, the ‘Daddy & Me’ Coin Keyring is the perfect way to show Dad how much he is loved – and something he can keep forever.

Other Gifts

Great gift ideas for Dads and Grandads include the:

‘Grandad & Me’ Coin Keyring (price and personalisation as above)

Personalised Luggage Tag (RRP £20.25)

Travelling Quote Luggage Tag (RRP £14.75)

Image showing the My Daddy Bear Print.jpgThere is also a selection of personalised prints, which include the  ‘My Daddy’, ‘My Grandad’ or ‘My Uncle’ prints (RRP £29.75) and the ‘My Daddy’ Bear Print (RRP £29.75) , both of which can be personalised with the child’s name, age and answers to up to eight questions about Dad (grandad or uncle), as well as the ‘My Daddy Finish at Home’ print, which can be personalised by the child writing relevant answers onto the print.  Every one of these beautiful prints will make a fantastic gift that will be treasured for years to come, as will the coin key rings and luggage tags.

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