New Baby signing book – Alfie’s Magic Hat: Fun at the Zoo

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For parents looking to encourage pre-speech communication using baby sign language, this is simply a must buy.

Baby signing is becoming more popular and it is easy to understand why. Pre-speech babies can often be as frustrated as the parent when trying to communicate. How many times have you tried desperately to understand what your little one is saying / asking for?

As well as better communication, baby signing can also help instill a better listening process as well as assisting the understanding of language and in linking words to meanings.

We did very small scale baby signing with our children and it proved to be very valuable to all concerned. I only wish we had known of Alfie and his Magic Hat…

Designed for hearing children pre-speech, ‘Alfie’s Magic Hat: Fun at the zoo’, the first in a series, is a beautifully-produced, engaging baby signing book that children and adults will treasure.

The story is simple enough for older babies to understand, and the illustrations really bring the book to life. When you couple in the sign gestures printed on each page for parents to teach their little ones, you get a pretty immersive experience.

It is written by Kathy Carter and illustrated by Maureen Carter, both published book contributors before working together on this series.

For parents sitting on the fence here. Your little one is your most important treasure right now… Wouldn’t you jump at the chance to communicate better with them? The book’s, price, £5.99, seems a very small price to pay for the chance to do exactly that.