New Elisabeth Shaw Easter Eggs

Image of boxed Elisbath Shaw Orange Crisp Easter Egg

New Elisabeth Shaw Easter Eggs

In the business of creating exquisite chocolates for 135 years using only the finest, specially sourced and very specific blend of Côte d’Ivoire cocoa, Elisabeth Shaw have just launched their new range of luxurious Easter Eggs.

Image of boxed Elisbath Shaw Orange Crisp Easter EggBeautifully presented in a lovely lantern-shaped box complete with gold-filigree pattern, cut out window and ribbon tie handle, the Milk Orange Crisp Egg (available from Asda) has a delicious orange flavoured milk chocolate shell that has been rendered wonderfully crunchy by pieces of mouth-watering honeycomb crisp. Inside you will find 12 pieces of Elisabeth Shaw’s simply scrumptious orange crisp chocolates. Working your way through the shell and the exquisite chocolates feels a little like you’ve died and gone to chocolate heaven.

Image of boxed Elisbath Shaw Mint Crisp Easter EggThis also applies to the new Dark Mint Crisp Egg (available from Asda, Ocado and Waitrose). Also presented inside a delightful lantern-shaped box, this luxury egg has a shell consisting of decadently rich dark chocolate, which has been given its wonderful crunch by pieces of honeycomb and mint crisp. Hidden inside are 12 pieces of Elisabeth Shaw’s well loved, utterly delectable dark mint crisp chocolate.

Image of boxed Elisbath Shaw Whisky Collection Easter EggFor lovers of fine liqueur chocolates, the Famous Names Whisky Collection Egg (also available from Asda, Ocado and Waitrose) promises pure chocolate ecstasy. Inside the egg’s rich dark chocolate shell are 8 of the company’s finest liqueur chocolates, each filled with one of the world’s finest Scotch Whisky/Whisky liqueur (including famous brands like Teachers, Grants and Drambuie) syrups. This egg is presented to perfection in a wood-effect barrel-shaped box.

All three eggs are retailed at an RRP of just £10. Considering not only their wonderful taste, but the beautiful manner in which they are presented, they are definitely worth their price and will make outstanding Easter gifts for those extra special people in your life. You can learn more about Elisabeth Shaw’s long, distinguished chocolate making history and full range of chocolates on the company’s official Website.

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