Newby Teas of Romance and Health

Newby Teas of Romance and Health

Looking for something a little different this Valentine’s Day? Then Newby Teas may just have the perfect answers for you: the luxury Newby Tea Valentine’s Day gift ideas ‘From the Heart’ and ‘Majestic Himalaya’.


From the Heart’ is a collection of four delicious tisanes and green teas contained within silky pyramid sachets. From the perfect combination of sweet and sour notes of the bright-red Strawberry & Mango tisane, the delicious mango and juicy strawberry tastes of which are reminiscent of summer love, to the pleasantly fresh notes of scrumptious oranges offered by a lightly-saffron coloured cup of Rooibos Orange, harvested from its native mountainous Cederberg region in the very heart of South Africa; from Jasmine Princess, a delicate, smooth green tea with eminent notes of jasmine blossoms and fragrant, yet sweet and gently floral finish to the lingering taste of spring, subtle fragrance and gentle, sweet aftertaste presented by the spiralled leaves of Hunan Green, every one of these teas is simply divine in its own right.

Presented in a lovely gift box, this collection is without doubt a luxury, opulent gift of love. Containing 5 sachets of each tea, the ‘From the Heart’ gift box will set you back just £20 and makes a wonderful present not just for Valentine’s but also for anniversaries, weddings and other special occasions.

Also presented in a delightfully elegant gift box, the quilted, passionately magenta pink and gold ‘Majestic Himalaya’ tea caddy contains 50 g of loose black tea grown in the mountains of Nepal. Accented by scents of muscatel, mountain flowers and wild grass and featuring a crisp, subtle finish, this divine tea has a unique; silken, smooth and memorable taste. At just £30, this is definitely a gift of love and passion.

Both options are available directly from Newby’s and Harrods.

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