The Nite Ize Glow Streak LED Ball

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Give your dog a special treat this Christmas with the Nite Ize Glow Streak LED Ball.


This robust, most technologically advanced (ever) night-time-fetch rubber ball features colour-changing, motion-activated LED lights that turn on automatically with just a single bounce. Easily holding up to the finest arm/ball launchers on the market, the Nite Ize Glow Streak LED Ball has a removable, shockproof (moulded) inner core designed to protect the advanced LED and battery module and its colour-changing or bright red Disc-O LEDs and an auto-shut-off function that saves your batteries by switching off after 10 minutes (five minutes of glowing followed by five minutes of flashing on and off) – while giving your best friend time to find it even if one of you gets distracted for a while.


Roughly the size of a tennis ball, it has a waterproof seal (created by securely screwing the LED/battery module into place) that makes it virtually invincible to slobber or water. Tough and featuring a unique, bite-friendly grooved design that makes it easy to pick up for dogs of any size, it also floats – making it the perfect toy for dogs who love to swim. Requiring two CR2032 batteries (included), the Nite Ize Glow Streak LED Ball offers up to around 35 hours of playing time before the batteries need replacing.

Offering hours of fun, the Nite Ize Glow Streak LED Ball is an affordable fun gift not only for your own dog, but for all dogs (and their owners) in your family or circle of friends. Highly recommended. It is available from Nite Ize at an RRP of just £13.95.