Oddbods Voice Activated Walking Pogo

Oddbods Voice Activated Walking Pogo

Oddbods Voice Activated Walking Pogo 

Oddbods is a children’s carton series shown on both CITV and Boomerang. They are basically 7 funny little characters, each with their own distinctive personalities and each wrapped up in their furry bright suits. Each hilarious Oddbod is uniquely different but when paired they can be mischievous, entertaining and very unpredictable. They are full of love, laughter, destruction and drama – anything is possible with them!

If your little one is a fan of this ever popular TV show, then they will adore this Voice Activated Walking and Talking Pogo. Suitable for children aged 3 plus, Pogo could well be the height of amusement on Christmas morning and beyond. Hearing this cheeky little chap repeat after you in his own quirky Oddbods language really is hilarious – there will be hours of fun for the whole family with Pogo.

oddbod  oddbod1

To activate, you simply press his hand to start the voice activation feature. After you speak, clap or shout just wait and watch them walk and talk back to you – laughs are guaranteed!  You can also switch off the walking function to listen to all their funny sounds, for even more giggles.

Measuring 28cm high and made from super soft plush fabric, Oddbod Pogo is cuddly as well as fun. Why not make Christmas morning that bit more exciting with the extra addition of Pogo’s friend Fuse – also super funny with their unique features.


Each Oddbod is sold separately at a price of £29.99 (batteries are also included). So, which one will you choose – red Fuse, blue Pogo or both? To purchase, please visit Tesco Direct.



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