Olverum Bath Oil is a Very Special Mother’s Day Treat

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Making a wonderful treat not only for Mother’s Day, but for any special occasion, Olverum bath oil is something else…

Olverum Bath Oil

Image showing box and bottle of Olverum Bath OilCombining luxurious, unique aromatic blend of fine essential oils, this bath oil is formulated to help you relax tension in both body and mind, ease stress and bring you back to your natural, happy self.

Highly concentrated, Olverum oil for the bath takes only around 5 ml (about half a cap) dispersed in warm water to wrap you up in its wonderful, intoxicating fragrance. Virtually complete absorbed by your skin, it leaves your skin feeling silky and your mind and body calm and refreshed – without leaving any greasy residue on you or the bath.

This fantastic oil is available directly from www.olverum.com at an RRP of £48 for a 250 ml bottle (which is enough for about 50 baths) and £26 for a 125 ml bottle (25 baths). There is also a 3 x 15 ml Travel Set (9 baths). Other major stockists include Liberty, Conran, Harvey Nichols and Fenwick.

My Verdict

Image showing Olverum Bath Oil - Pack of 3Having tried the Olverum Bath Oil, I can honestly say it is simply marvellous.  The scent is truly gorgeous and really does leave you feeling calmer & refreshed, with silky-smooth skin. It also keeps its promise about not leaving any greasy residues anywhere – brilliant.

This oil is definitely worth its price – and because its fragrance is not particularly feminine, it will not only make a fantastic present for your mum this Mother’s Day, but also for any other member of your family and for any special occasion. Very highly recommended – and I also recommend you treat yourself while you’re at – it’s worth it, and so are you!