Olverum Bath Oil

Olverum Bath Oil

I heard a lot about this bath oil and couldn’t wait to try it. However my wonderful hubby got to it first!! This bath oil promises to ease tension and stress and after a hard day’s – work what could be better?

My better half reported back after some hours in the bath; it was very relaxing, sleep inducing and left his skin soft and supple. He felt hhis muscles relax and it was really restorative.

I have to say the scent was absolutely gorgeous. This would make an ideal pamper gift for a loved one to make them feel special.


Olverum  promotes these key benefits for their bath oil –

DEEP RELAXATION AND STRESS RELIEF -Inhaling the aromatic vapours released by a warm OLVERUM bath helps relieve tension and aids relaxation. Used at the end of a stressful day, OLVERUM can help you achieve a deep and untroubled night’s sleep.

SOOTHES ACHES AND PAINS – Olverum stimulates the circulation and helps bring relief to aching muscles and joints.

BEAUTIFULLY SOFT SKIN -The light non-greasy oil is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it feeling beautifully soft and pampered.

Olverium retails at £23.50 for the 125ml (enough for 25 Baths) and £36.95 for 200ml (enough for 40 Baths). You can purchase Olverium from www.olverium.com and also from Harvey Nichols, Fenwick and House of Fraser Online.

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