One World Futbol  

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The One World Futbol is the world’s first virtually indestructible football; this has been confirmed by Blue Peter who has tried very hard to destroy it!  This ball will stand the length of time, no matter how many times it is kicked, will never need to be pumped and there will be no need to buy another football ever again!!  Sound good, doesn’t it, but it gets better…….


One World Futbol was introduced for the first time during the 2010 World Cup, with a mission of ‘bringing the healing power of play to youth worldwide’.  For every football sold, OWF will donate another to the youth in disadvantaged communities worldwide.  In fact, OWF have just recently reached a colossal milestone – the creation and donation of their 1 millionth One World Futbol!  This is a huge achievement in itself, as 1 million footballs mean that 30 million children are happy at play!  You can read more on this fabulous news here.


Designed to withstand the harsh conditions often faced by young people living in refugee camps, disaster areas and other disadvantaged communities, the OWF is just as useful in the garden or park.  Personally, as a mother a 2 boys, this football has been a welcome addition to my household.  Between barbed wire, rough play, dogs etc, balls never last more than a few months – the One World Futbol will, without a doubt, last much longer…….for that, I thank you.

The One World Futbol will make a wonderful feel good git too.  With each on bought, another is sent to a UK or global project of your choice!  Or, you can just simply buy one and donate it straight away to somewhere of your choice too.  They can be bought on line for £33.00 from  Please visit this website and have a read of their stories – heart warming and truly inspiring.

“While we haven’t yet figured out how to create world peace and end world hunger, it’s possible that a child who we give a ball to will.”  Tim Jahnigen, founder, One World Futbol Project.