Open Nose Rings by Karma Se7en

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If you or someone you care for would love to wear a nose-ring, but simply cannot be bothered with the hassle of trying to attach it securely, Karma Se7en’s Open Nose Rings are the perfect answer to your dilemma.

Available in varying materials, including surgical steel, G23 titanium and 9 ct rose or yellow gold, these delightful nose rings also come in a range of different sizes, making it possible to find the perfect ring to comfortably match your piercing.

Karma Se7en Titanium Open Nose RingThe Titanium Open Nose Ring, for instance, is available in 1 and 1.2 mm gauges. Featuring a flat plate where the clip-in ball of a continuous hoop would usually be located, this lovely ring has a gap that neatly fits your nostril and, once in place, looks like a continuous hoop. Also suitable for other piercings (like diath, helix or tragus piercings, for example), this open nose ring is available at a mere £3.49.

Karma Se7en 9ct Twisted Gold Open Nose RingCosting just £19.95, the Twisted 9ct Gold Open Nose Ring is perfect for showing off an elegant, classy sense of style. Also featuring a gap, this ring is secured by the tiny ball sitting inside the nostril when the ring is fitted. This classic, chic open nose ring is available in 1.2 mm x 8 mm and 1 mm x 8 mm versions, as well as being available in 9 ct rose gold. Like the titanium ring, is highly versatile, as it can also be worn in eyebrow, tragus and top-ear piercings.

Karma Se7en 14ct Gold Nose Ring & Blue CrystalAnother, rather awesome and highly popular alternative to fiddly hoop and ball rings or nose studs is the 14 ct Gold & Blue Crystal Nose Ring. This dazzling piece of jewellery is fitted by simply opening the loop slightly and, once inserted into the piercing, gently squeezing it shut again. Making a striking, elegant addition to your nose ring collection, this fine example of timeless jewellery is available at only £19.99.

Beautiful, easy to wear and definitely affordable, Karma Se7en open nose rings are without the shadow of doubt great gifts for any occasion, whether you are treating yourself or a loved one. As Karma Se7en have a ‘buy-one-choose-a-second-one-for-free’ promotion running almost permanently, you could, in fact, treat yourself as well as a friend or family member without feeling guilty about it. Now that’s what you call good value for money.