Opies – Making The Perfect Cocktail!

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Create Classic Cocktails at Home this Christmas with the help from Opies.

I love cocktails – they are the epitome of celebration, of parties, fun and family cheer. They are perfect for Christmas and New Year! Whatever the cocktail you need quality ingredients to make it that extra special something and Opies provide that in spades.

These tasty finest grade cherries have been carefully preserved. They are brilliant for cocktails and to be honest I love them as a sneaky treat. Opies Cocktail Cherries are available from most major supermarkets and retail from £1.48 for a 225g jar.


Are you a fan of Masterchef? Well these are a favourite on that show! Opies Pickled Walnuts are amazing with cheese – I find them brilliant with blue cheeses and also with cold meats so just perfect for Christmas leftovers. They are also good in pasta dishes and meat salads. Thes also work beautifully in casseroles and hearty winter stews as they add a real depth of flavour. Opies Pickled Walnuts are available from Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose 390g from £2.49. As the only UK commercial manufacturer of Pickled Walnuts, it’s Opies that you turn to for this Christmas essential.



For even more luxury food treats this Christmas, why not try the speciality pickles, chutneys, olives, ginger, luxury fruits, sauces and compotes under the Opies brand. Opie also produce Fruits in alcohol, having made a trifle with cherry and using the Kirsch in the sponge I can tell you these are formidable products with an intensity of flavour that will set your dinner guests talking! There are a huge range of products available at a wide range of stockists and more information can be obtained from www.opiesfoods.com.

3Other products include –

  • Opies Peaches in Courvoisier 830g – £11.99
  • Opies Black Cherries in Kirsch 850g – £11.99
  • Opies Figs in Courvoisier 880g – £11.99
  • Opies Apricots in Grand Marnier 840g – £11.99
  • Opies Ginger in Famous Grouse 500g – £6.99
  • Opies Christmas Fruit with Courvoisier – £8.99

The above are available in selected Waitrose Stores and Ocado.

  • Opies Peaches in Courvoisier 460g
  • Opies Black Cherries in Kirsch 460g
  • Opies Figs in Courvoisier 460g
  • Opies Baby Pears in Amaretto 420g
  • Opies Ginger with Teachers 550g

The above are available in selected Independent stores with a RRP of £6.99.

  • Opies Peaches in Courvoisier 460g,
  • Opies Black Cherries in Kirsch 460g

The above are available in available in selected Debenhams Stores with a RRP of £6.99.


  • Opies Peaches in Courvoisier 460g,
  • Opies Black Cherries in Kirsch 460g

The above are available in Selected Lakeland Stores with a RRP of £6.99.