Organic Gifts for Mother’s Day

Organic Gifts for Mother’s Day

What other way should we treat mum on Mother’s Day but with that of organic luxury!!  With thanks to Green People that has been made very possible.  Their organic pampering range will help soothe, balance, nurture and protect all skin types.  Not only that, but with the added bonus of the combined antioxidants and anti-ageing active ingredients, using these products will help to promote healthy, radiant, younger looking skin too – mum will thank you for this!!

There are many gift sets available from Green People that would be very suitable as Mother’s Day gifts, but my top choice would have to be the Limited Edition Body Lotion & Body Wash Gift Sets (£19.95).


This set includes a wonderfully scented and deluxe body wash which is mixed with Aloe Vera and Marshmallow.  This leaves you skin feeling super cleansed, extra soft and incredibly nourished.  Either use it in the shower or add it to your bath for a luscious relaxing bubble bath (my favourite!).

Follow up with the body lotion, which will nourish, hydrate and balance your skin.  With the added properties of Shea Butter, Perilla Seed Oil and Evening Primrose, this body lotion is extra sumptuous.  Simply massage onto your skin and your shower/bath to help seal in moisture.  I love to receive pampering gifts any time of the year, but to receive this gift set would be a delight.

Other gifts which would make a good Mother’s Day gift from Green People would be the following –

  • Age Defy+ ‘Try Me” gift set (£29.95)
  • Eyes Wide Gift set (£25.00)
  • Organic Skin Radiance Pack (£29.90)
  • Organic Skin Detox Pack (£12.95)

There are many other gift sets, plus so much more available from Green People.  Please visit to have a peek!!


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