The Original Speaker Pillow

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For those who like to drift off to sleep listening to their favourite music or audio book, the Sound Asleep Speaker Pillow is the ideal Christmas gift for them. This is a comfortable pillow with a difference! With an invisible built in speaker, you can easily get into the land of nod without the use of pesky headphones – what’s not to like about this?

The Sound Asleep Pillow requires a music source, such as an MP3 player, mobile, radio or a television (as long as it has a 3.5 mm stereo plug to connect to the pillow). The pillow will not emit any sound until it is connected to your device. This pillow really is very clever indeed, the design is spectacular! As it’s filled with high quality hollowfibre, it ensures that you’ll never know there’s a speaker beneath your head. Also, you don’t have to have the volume up too high either, meaning that your partner won’t be kept awake! There is a removable wire which means its tidy and safe when not in use.

I really do recommend this pillow for those who find it difficult to get to sleep. My brother works night shifts and would find it difficult to sleep when he comes home. He now uses the Sound Asleep Pillow and it works a treat. He attaches it to his phone and plays his favourite soothing tracks from Napster and is guaranteed to be asleep within 30 minutes. He has also commented on how comfortable it is.

The Sound Asleep Original Speaker Pillow is available from It costs £14.99 and will make a fabulous gift for many this Christmas.