Pentel Pens- Ideal Stocking Fillers

Pentel Pens- Ideal Stocking Fillers

Pentel produces products aimed at children 10+, making them the ideal stocking filler this Christmas for this age group. With a variety of pens available, choosing the right style for your children, or even yourself is easy. Whether it’s for the sole purpose of writing, or for producing spectacular artwork, Pentel will be there to fulfil your needs. My top picks are below –

EnerGel Xm retractable (£2.99 per pen)

If it’s a smooth writer you are looking for then this is the pen for you. Not only is it stylish looking with its metallic barrel, but the Energel Xm Retractable pen offers an exceptional quick drying time as well as a smooth flowing EnerGel ink. It’s easy and comfortable to hold with the aid of the rubber fingered grip and grooved finger print support. Each pen is provided with a tip protector (must be removed before writing) and the 0.7mm tip gives approximately a 0.35mm line width – ideal for essay writing. Many colours ae available, such as Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, Sky Blue, Blue, Lime Green, Navy, Brown, Turquoise, Green, and Black. *

EnerGel X (£2.15 per pen)

Slightly differing from the above, the Energel X offers a smooth wring experience also, but what’s different is that these pens are suitable for both right and left-handed writers. The Energel X is designed with a transparent barrel which makes it easy to see how much ink you have remaining. It also offers a quick drying time, and its super soft grip makes it very comfortable to use. Like the Energel Xm Retracable, each pen is provided with a tip protector (must be removed before writing) and the 0.7mm tip gives approximately a 0.35mm line width. The Energel X is available in a variety of colours including Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Sky Blue and Violet, making them perfect for school projects.

Dual Hybrid Metallic pens (8-piece wallet, £19.92)

These Dual Hybrid Metallic pens are the top dog of artistic pens! They are unique to Pentel and offer you two colours in one pen, offering you the most gorgeous vibrant colours. Simply write on white paper and then dark coloured paper and you will see the change immediately. Two different shades produced by the same pen is just genius! These Dual Hybrid Metallic Pens are ideal for drawing, decorating/writing cards and for helping you to designing stunning pieces of artwork or craft projects. They write like a dream too, gliding over each page with the upmost ease. Each pen gives a fine 0.5mm line width which is perfect for precision drawing – however, the ink takes a few moments to dry so be careful not to smudge it when wet! For artwork, the Dual Hybrid Metallic pens really are my top choice and will make an ideal gift for any budding artist.

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