Peter’s Yard Crispbreads

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Like cheese but still looking for that perfect accompaniment? Well let me introduce you to Peter’s Yard! They have won awards for their Swedish Crispbreads. They are made from all natural ingredients, using fresh milk, honey and whole wheat flour

Peter’s Yard offer a variety of crispbread and pack sizes so there is a crispbread to suit every eating occasion. A mistake that some cracker and crispbread bakers make is to make the crispbread the star of the show not the accompaniment that sets of the cheese. The beauty of these is that they enhance the cheese and meats rather than disguise their flavour.


The crispbreads I sampled were incredibly fine. These are the types of accompaniment to cheese and charcuterie that really show you the difference to standard brands.

Peter’s Yard’s new selection box presents variety as it brings together three quality, distinctive crispbreads with differing colours, shapes, textures and flavours. The Selection Box includes Charcoal, Spelt & Poppy Seed alongside the classic, award-winning Original recipe. Charcoal is recommended alongside a Brie or soft goats’milk cheese; Spelt & Poppy Seed should be paired with a Single Gloucester, Camembert, Wensleydale or Caerphilly whilst the neutral base of the Original crispbread is a perfect match to any cheese.

Peter’s Yard has is stocked in over 2000 independent delicatessens, cheese shops, specialist shops and farm shops and also in Waitrose, Whole Food Market, Ocado and on line. Prices range in terms of variety and weight and can be found online at: