Pickering’s Gin Baubles

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Whether you’re looking for some novel Christmas decorations or hope to treat a loved one to something different, Pickering’s Gin Baubles are the perfect answer.

Pickering’s Gin Baubles

Pickering's Gin BaublesRetailing at just £30 per set, each set consists of 6 beautifully crafted, colourful clear plastic baubles filled with 5ml of Pickering’s signature gin. This gin, which is based on an original 1947 Bombay recipe, is crafted entirely by hand at Summerhall Distillery, Edinburgh.

My Verdict

Giving the appearance of fine glass, these lovely baubles are gorgeous to look at and catch the lights of your tree to perfection (I set up my tree early just to try them out!) – and the gin inside them is incredibly flavoursome, refreshing and spectacularly smooth!

Originally created just for a bit of fun for the 2014 Christmas fair at the Summerhall in Edinburgh, these delightful gin-filled baubles are a real treat for yourself, friends or family. As they have become a huge success and the company’s entire production batch for last year completely sold out within just 82 seconds, facilities have been expanded to meet this year’s expected demand.

To avoid disappointment, I do, however, suggest you order quickly – it would be a real shame to miss out on such a wonderful treat!