Play Teepee Set (Chevron) by Catching Stars

Image showing child playing in Chevron Play Teepee Set.

Play Teepee Set (Chevron) by Catching Stars

Kids just love to hide away and play out their fantasies in adult-free dens. The Chevron Play Teepee Set by Catching Stars allows them to do just that – without the need to find every blanket or box in your house tied up and hopelessly tangled in your kid’s room, kitchen or garden.

Image showing child playing in Chevron Play Teepee Set.

Kids love to hide away in their Chevron Play Teepee Set.

Made from 100 per cent cotton for maximum quality, durability and strength, the erected teepee stands approximately 115 cm (just over 45 in) tall and has a floor mat diameter (internal) of 120 cm (a little over 47 in). Its hexagonal shape maximises interior space.

Supplied complete with a quilted, padded floor mat; three inside pockets and two 30 cm x 30 cm (11.81 in x 11.81 in) 100 per cent cotton cushions with washable pads, this Play Teepee Set is meant predominantly for indoor use. The floor mat’s wipe-clean, water-resistant base does, however, make outdoor use (during warmer weather) possible if required.

Image showing Chevron Play Teepee Set in an outdoor setting.

In good weather, the Chevron Play Teepee Set can also be used outdoors.

The teepee’s door has a velcro fastening, making it easy for children to open and close it. The door can, if desired, also be tied open by ribbon fastenings.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Catching Stars’ Chevron Play Teepee Set carries the European CE mark and has been thoroughly tested to ensure your kids’ safety. The poles, by the way, are fully encased in fabric, ensuring soft and safe edges for ultimate safety and comfort.

In case of mucky mishaps, the Chevron Play Teepee Set can be wiped clean or (after removal of poles) machine washed (on a gentle cycle, this also applies to the cushion pads).

Available from Catching Stars, the Catching Stars Chevron Play Teepee Set will set you back £190.00. While this may seem a little steep, the hours of fun your kids will have with this excellent birthday or Christmas gift make it well worth the investment.

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