Playfoam Pluffle

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Playfoam Pluffle 2 Pack

Playfoam Pluffle is a new sensory product from Learning Resources. It has kinetic properties which makes it a mesmerising and addictive product to play with. This squishy, soft, fluffy kinetic foam really is a treat to handle – my daughter loves it and to be honest, so do I!!

Sold in a double pack with vibrant colours, Pluffle really is magical. This playfoam literally moves by itself. You van see it work its magic even by turning each tube upside down, but the real fun begins once you take it out and handle it. Give the Pluffle a good squeeze, make shapes with it and even mix the colours together – and after, watch the Pluffle go back to its normal fluffy self in a hypnotic crumbling motion.

Playfoam Pluffle will never dry out either, is non-toxic, and will not stick to hair, skin or clothes (all bonuses from a mum’s point of view). I can guarantee that this is one product that children will use time and time again, messy play with magical qualities – what’s not to like! I highly recommend Playfoam Pluffle and will be purchasing more!

Playfoam Pluffle RRP £12 (duo pack) is available in a pack of two colours; Pink & Green, Blue & Red, Purple & Yellow. It is suitable for children aged 5 and is available from Argos, Smyths, The Entertainer, Very, Amazon and other toy retailers across the UK.