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If your little one is looking for a new loveable, interactive plushy pet, then look no further than Pomsies. These are the cutest wearable pom-pom pets that you can literally take anywhere with you! Simply wrap their long fuzzy tails around your wrist, hair, backpack or even your ankle, push the nose and watch your Pomsie come to life!

With up 50 different sound reactions to your stroking, cuddle, and tickles, your Pomsie will easily become your little one’s best friend in no time at all. They will tell you when they are happy, sleepy, or hungry by the way they react or what colour their eyes light up with. Teal means happy, blue means sick, green means hiccups, yellow means hungry, pink means silly, and if you get rainbow flashing eyes, that means it’s extra happy.

If you promise to love your Pomsies, they will show you their love back. Just as cats purr when they are happy, these fluffy plushy pets also purr when you stroke its back – and you can feel it too! Each one comes included with its own brush so you can keep its fur soft and smooth, when you brush it you will be able to tell how happy it is.

Your Pomsie can also keep the fun alive by having a dance party!  All you must do is simply hold down the nose for 1.5 seconds, wait for the first whistle blow, move the Pomsie to the music, but get ready to stop — when the whistle blows again it’s time to freeze. So much fun!!

Pomsies are very affordable, with a RRP or £14.99. They are suitable for child aged 4+ and are available from Smyths, Argos, Very