Pretty Pixels

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Pretty Pixels is a creative and fun craft activity for all children aged 8 and above. Children can follow a chosen design and create their own quality erasers to bring to school and show off to their friends. This is a super easy craft (although a little fiddly) and doesn’t use any irons – you simply pop it in the microwave and let it cool for 10 minutes and your newly formed eraser is ready to use!

Only launched this year, Pretty Pixels have a selection of 3 set. The Mini Pack, which can make up to eight small erasers, the Starter Pack Assortment which can make up to four medium and six small erasers and Deluxe Pack (description below).

The Pretty Pixels Deluxe Pack can make up to 16 medium sized erasers. The pack itself contains –

  • 1 Eraser Maker
  • 7 Eraser Colour strips (7 pink, 10 yellow, 6 blue, 6 purple, 11 pink, 6 green and 14 white)
  • 40 Clear spacer pixels
  • Tweezers
  • 1 Divider
  • 16 Design sheets
  • 2 Blank sheets
  • 1 Storage tray
  • Instruction booklet

All you must do is to choose your preferred design, use the bright colours of eraser rubber pixels to build your eraser, wet the eraser, close the eraser maker and pop it in the microwave to set it. It really is as simple as that – however, younger children may need a little help as the rubber pixels are small!

Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker retail between £9.99 and £24.99 depending on the pack you choose. They are available at Smyths, Very and Amazon.