Professional Hair Care from Chill  

Professional Hair Care from Chill  

I am absolutely loving this NEW Ed Blonde range by Chill – ‘the masters of cool’!!  Chill bring to us a trendy brand of professional colour, hair care, styling and finishing products that will transform and enrich any hair type.  Being a blonde (unnatural one at that!), I was delighted to sample the products and an thoroughly impressed with the condition my hair has been left in – and yes, I would highly recommend this range to everyone!

Chill’s Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner (both £9.99) will transform your dull and lifeless locks into the silkiest smoothest hair, even just after one wash.  From root to tips, your hair will be sleek, shiny and look very healthy.  Mixing grape seed oil, hydrolyzed proteins and violet pigments, using both the shampoo and condition will help to tome down brassy yellow hair.  I’ve only washed my hair once with these so far, but noticed the difference straight away – I’m intrigued as to how my hair will look after a few more washes!


Simply shampoo as normal, rinse, apply conditioner (you only need a small amount) and leave for 2-5 minutes.  Rinse off and style as normal.  Chill’s products will also rebalance the moisture in your hair, closing the cuticle and help to keep both your hair and natural scalp oils protected – what’s not to like about this range?

Follow your wondrous hair wash with Chill’s Ed Lush serum/oil (£14.99).  Apply it directly onto towel dried hair and comb through; again, only a very small amount is needed!  Like the shampoo and conditioner, using Ed Lush will leave your hair super silky-smooth, shiny and the envy of all your mates.  Chill say – “Although ed lush is designed for all hair types and colours, we’ve created a special formulation for the unique characteristics of blonde hair too.  By adding violet pigments to our luscious serum, unwelcome gold and brassy tones are resigned to history by leaving you a more dazzling blonde”.

Ed Lush Pink+box

Why not finish your pampering hair routine by adding extra shine and glamour with Chill’s Ed Shine (£11.99).  This really is the ultimate finishing product, and will leave your hair ultra-silky, glossy and feeling light all day long!  This Shine spray won’t leave your hair feeling stick or oily in the slightest.  In fact, as it combines conditioning and protections, it’s incredibly light and leaves your hair feeling so soft and luscious – it smells divine too, I love it!!


Chill products are available in Cool hair salons and at

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