Puzzles and Games by Gibsons

Puzzles and Games by Gibsons

Founded in 1909, the family-run Gibsons Game Company started with just 6 puzzles. Today, they offer over 250 games and puzzles suitable for family members from pre-school age to retirement. Here are some of Gibsons’ latest additions to their range.

Royal Babies Jigsaw


gibson royal babies

Adding around 50 titles a year, Gibsons had occasion to celebrate a very special arrival in 2015. The 1,000-piece ‘Royal Babies’ jigsaw puzzle now available from Amazon at a price of just £11.75 (RRP is £12.99) features a delightful collage of four generations of royal babies, from her Majesty, Queen Elisabeth II herself down to the latest arrival in the Royal Family, Princess Charlotte Elisabeth Diana. The completed puzzle measures approximately 48 cm x 68 cm.

Ships Ahoy

gibson ship ahoy

Forming part of Gibsons’ ‘My World’ series, Ships Ahoy is a colourful, engaging yet simple pirate memory game for youngsters aged 3+. Made for 2 to 4 players, the game contains 24 gold coins and 4 pirate ships. The aim is for children to remember where the coins are to win. Easy to play with a fun theme that encourages role play, Ship Ahoy promotes turn-taking, sharing and team work in young children and aids development of attention, concentration and memory, as well as shape, pattern and colour recognition. Ships Ahoy costs just £6.99 at Amazon. Well shiver me timbers, family fun rarely comes more affordable than this.

My Body

gibson my body

This also applies to the 2-part jigsaw puzzle My Body, which also belongs to the My World series. The ‘Outside’ puzzle (36 pieces) teaches younger kids aged 4+ about simple body parts (arms, legs, etc.), while the ‘Inside’ puzzle (50 pieces) is all about internal body parts. Also providing a host of amazing fun facts, this colourful, educational game comes complete with suggestions on how to extend play with questions, discussions and more. Available from Amazon at just £9.92 (RRP £11.86), My Body offers exceptional value both in terms of fun and education.

Invariably made from 100{beaaa18c7111f78171f7049db4a26534557444383bfe8747491a307dda3fec2c} recycled, thick and durable board, these games and puzzles make ideal, environmentally friendly Christmas gifts for the whole family.

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