Quality Golfing Gadgets from Northcroft Golf

Picture showing Northcroft Golf Tee-up Foldaway lying on grass

Quality Golfing Gadgets from Northcroft Golf

Love golf? Love someone who loves golf? Then these golfing gadgets from Northcroft Golf may be the perfect solutions to your ‘what to get them for Christmas’ problems.

Picture showing Northcroft Golf Tee-up Foldaway lying on grassTee-Up Foldaway – This teeing-up device (which, like the BAMP Pro described below and most other Northcroft Golf gadgets, has been endorsed by Europe’s vice-captain in the 2014 Ryder Cup, Sam Torrance, OBE) is the ‘bee’s knees’ when it comes to teeing up in comfort. Designed specifically for anyone who finds bending to tee up difficult, the Tee-up Foldaway is exceptionally easy to use.

Simply load your tee and ball into the Foldaway’s jaws and place them onto the ground while remaining perfectly upright, then pick them up again once you have taken your shot and fold the device up ready to move on to the next hole.

Got a little tremble? Not a problem. The Tee-up Foldaway’s patented stabilising spigot will compensate for any hand-tremors by resting on the ground just behind your tee and ball. Robust, lightweight and folding neatly away, the Tee-up Foldaway will easily fit into any golf bag or even a suitcase, making it the perfect gift for travelling golfers.

Supplied with a lifetime guarantee, this high quality gift is available from Northcroft Golf at just £47.95.

Image showing components of Northcroft Golf BAMP Pro on grassBAMP Pro – Fancy marking your balls, picking balls up and lifting your markers without ever having to bend?  Well, the BAMP Pro allows you to do just that. Designed to fit virtually all putter grip sizes, the BAMP retrieves balls quickly, easily and securely out of holes or off the ground, without any need to ‘have a stab or two’ at the ball.

It does so by simply placing its rubber cup over your ball and application of downward pressure. The removable rubber cup is easy to clip on and just as easily rolls of again, so it will not inhibit your putting strokes or make it difficult to place the putter back into your golf bag.

Made from high quality materials, easy to use and store, the BAMP Pro is currently available from Northcroft Golf at just £7.50.

Golfing gifts at this level of quality and practicality simply do not come any more affordable, so go on, treat yourself or that ‘special someone’ in your life to both of them this Christmas!

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