Rainbow Mini Scratch Art Note Cubes

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An ideal stocking filler for children aged over 4, is this Rainbow Mini Scratch Art Note Cubes from Melissa & Doug. Children love to be creative, and if they are anything like my 5 year old daughter, they will be always drawing, doodling and coming up with wonderful masterpieces! What I like about this note pad is that it offers something a little different!

Each page is covered with a matte coating in which children have to scratch off, using the wooden stylus provided, to reveal the bright colours hidden beneath. Children can write notes, etch doodles and make exciting mini masterpieces with these Mini Scratch Art Notes. They will love seeing the colours of the rainbow and seeing their drawing bright and wonderful.

The Rainbow Mini Scratch Art Note Cubes contains 125 Rainbow Mini Notes, a wooden stylus and a reusable “desktop dispenser” box to hold it all in place. It costs £6.99 and is available from Amazon and Waterstones.