Raisthorpe Manor Christmas Drinks

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Raisthorpe Manor Christmas Drinks

Raisthorpe Manor award winning fruity gins and liqueurs make the most wonderful festive tipple! Their stylish products are made using the finest local ingredients from North Yorkshire to create distinctive flavours. Each and every drink is versatile, allowing them to be enjoyed as cocktails or added to succulent recipes giving you wholesome tasty dishes.

I have sampled a few products from Raisthorpe Manor in the past, but below I have listed my top three picks for Christmas.

Raisthorpe Manor’s 9ct Blood Orange Vodka (9ct Collection)


This shimmery blood orange vodka looks too good to drink. The colour is divine and the taste even more so. The tangy blood orange added along with the luxurious real edible gold are wonderfully combined, leaving this twinkling sparkling tipple amazing!  Add a shot to your espresso after Christmas dinner, or pour over your ice-cream for a pudding worthy for royalty. The Toffee and Caramel Vodka incorporates even more gold too – this would be delicious poured into one of our chocolate shot pots for the ultimate treat!

Ingredients – Vodka, sugar, citric acid, blood orange juice, natural orange, acacia gum, ester gum, E150d, E124, E555, E171, E172

Raisthorpe Manor’s Blood Orange and Toffee & Caramel Shimmer Vodka Liqueurs are priced from £24.50 – £55.



Raisthorpe Manor Damson Port (Platinum Collection)


This Damson Port is one of the UK’s most unique bottled liqueurs and was rated top of its class for taste, winning three gold stars from the Great Taste judges in 2014. Only the finest hand -picked local damsons are gently soaked in port along with a dash of sugar to add to this secret family recipe. If you are a port drinker, then this is definitely one to try – it will in fact make a wonderful gift for the port connoisseur!  “Its wonderful balance of sweetness, luscious fruit and hint of damson stone is the perfect foil for a cheeseboard, turkey and all the trimmings, or on its own (and your own!) after dinner”. This tipple truly is exceptional!

Raisthorpe Manor Damson Port is available in 5cl, 35cl or 70cl bottles: £3.95/£16.95/£24.95.


Raisthorpe Manor’s Sloe Port (Platinum Collection)


Raisthorpe Manor’s Sloe Port is the perfect match for your festive cheese board. As Raisthorpe say – “If cheeseboards could choose their soulmate, they’d choose Raisthorpe Manor’s Sloe Port – a Deliciously Yorkshire Awards’ ‘Best New Product’ and the UK’s first sloe liqueur made with Port”. Handcrafted, using only local sloes grown on the Raisthorpe estate, and taking a year to mature, this port accompanies blue cheese like no other, be it Saint Agur or your Roquefort. Personally, I’m not a fan of blue veined chees, but did try this alongside Brie and it was a delight – in fact, I thought it paired amazingly. This port can also be used in gravies and sauces, in pork and game dishes, but can also be used in starters such as Sloe Port and melon.

Raisthorpe Manor’s Sloe Port is available in 5cl, 35cl or 70cl bottles: £3.95/£16.95/£24.95.


To see what other delightful tipples Raisthorpe Maor has to offer, please visit – www.raisthorpemanor.com.