Remescar Eye Bag & Dark Circles Cream

Remescar Eye Bag & Dark Circles Cream

Hectic lifestyles can mean our loved ones are often stressed and tired. Symptoms of mental and/or physical fatigue frequently include swollen skin (eye bags) or dark circles under the eyes – which can have a negative impact on self-esteem and confidence. Restore loved ones’ self-confidence by treating them to Remescar‘s new Eye Bag & Dark Circles Cream this Christmas.

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Using the revolutionary new Eyesyl technology developed Remescar mother-company Sylphar, this effective, instant cream contains a unique combination of a bi-peptide complex and clay minerals to decrease fluid accumulation, strongly tighten skin and lead to a micro-muscular pause. These actions combine to eliminate appearance of dark circles and reduce puffiness around the delicate under-eye areas.

Have a look at some very visible results –


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My verdict – 

Specially formulated to immediately address dark circles and eye bags (and perfume-free, so there is no risk of unpleasant irritation), Remescar Eye Bag & Dark Circles Cream does exactly what it says on the bottle and produces visible results within minutes.

8 ml may not seem a lot, but a single application each day is sufficient to keep your loved one’s eyes look fresh and bright, so the cream will last for some time – making it a fantastic gift that offers excellent value for money.

My beautiful mother trialed this for me, and the results really are astonishing. You can actually see Remescar work its magic and she was totally amazed! She thinks that it definitely made her appear younger than she is, and looks forward to using it on her next night out dancing – “maybe i’ll find a man yet” – her words!! I’ve added the video of her results below, just keep an eye on the left eye (excuse the pun!)

Remescar comes highly recommended from all at Gifts 4 You. You can buy Remescar Eye Bag & Dark Circles Cream from major Boots stores across the UK and from Boots online at an RRP of £29.95 (8 ml).


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