Rescue Runts

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Rescue Runts are adorable lonely strays that are in need of a loving home to call their own. They need someone special to love and care for the, transforming then from ragged runts to adorable pets. Then you can choose the perfect name for them and give them a collar to make them feel part of the family! Rescue Runts would make a fabulous gift for any child this Christmas and beyond.

Recue Runts comes with everything you need to clean up and transform your new pet. It includes, your 7-inch plush cuddly dog, a hairbrush, tweezers, flannel cloth, and collar. There is also a cut-out adoption certificate on the side of the box.

All you must do is to use the tweezers to pick out the fleas which are trapped in their hair, these are lightly stitched and are very easy to remove. Their paws are all muddy, so use the cloth and the heat from your hand to wipe away the dirt. Use the brush to untangle their knotted hair and transform their fur into something much glossier and smooth. Remove the tear stickers from their eyes, unwrap the bandage from their lag and perk up their ears – already your new pet will look happy and feel loved. I honestly think this toy would delight many children, especially if they have had a rescue pet within their family before.

There’s a choice 5 Rescue Runts to collect including Shepherd, Spaniel, Husky, Spotty Dog and even a Unicorn!  Rescue Runts retail for £14.99 and are available from Amazon, Smyths and Asda.