Salcura Skin Care Gifts

Salcura Skin Care Gifts

Conditions like eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis; rosacea and similar dry skin conditions can make the sufferer’s life an itchy, flaking hell. Thanks to Salcura Skin Care’s Bioskin products, you can bring a little relief from this hell into a loved ones’ life this Christmas.

The Bioskin DermaSpray, for instance, is a unique, innovative Skin Nourishment Spray that has been specifically developed for individuals over the age of 12 who suffer with dry, itchy skin. Combining a nutrient rich, naturally effective formulation with hassle-free application, this spray does not contain any harsh ingredients.

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Helping to support the natural moisturising factor and skin barrier, it is also suitable for people prone to dermatitis; rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. Now also containing almond oil to improve skin nourishment and moisturisation, the spray is easy to use even on the scalp/hair-line and provides rapid relief from itching and has been found more effective in the treatment of varying skin conditions, including psoriasis, than steroids and other products.

More practical and, as atomising the liquid ensures minimal waste and even coverage, also more economical than cream, Sacura’s Bioskin DermaSpray is available in two sizes, 100 ml (£16.99) and 250 ml (£32.99) from SalcuraSkinCare.

Equally innovative and unique, the 98{beaaa18c7111f78171f7049db4a26534557444383bfe8747491a307dda3fec2c} natural Bioskin DermaSerum was formulated specifically for daily moisturisation of the face, including the area around the eyes.

Nourishing the skin and effectively breaking the irritating itch/scratch cycle, the serum does not contain any harsh chemicals or steroids likely to irritate the already sensitive skin of adults (from the age of 12) suffering with psoriasis, rosacea or dermatitis; eczema or other dry skin conditions.

Ingredients include Sea Buckthorn (cell regeneration), Aloe Vera (soothing and calming) and Safflower (nourishment). Non-grease, non-staining and rapidly absorbed, the light gel formula of the serum makes it perfect for targeting dry skin patches on the face and the delicate area around the eyes.

Sinking deep into the skin, the serum nourishes skin cells at an early stage of their development, supporting healthy skin growth and bringing rapid relief from itchy, flaky skin as a result. Also available from SalcuraSkinCare, the serum comes in a 50 ml bottle and is priced at £11.99.

99{beaaa18c7111f78171f7049db4a26534557444383bfe8747491a307dda3fec2c} natural, free of harsh chemicals and steroids, Bioskin Zeoderm is a repair moisturiser and natural skin therapy perfect for individuals suffering with psoriasis, dermatitis and urticaria; eczema and related dry, itchy skin conditions.


Containing Zeolite (elimination of free radicals), Borage (which assists the skin in retaining moisture) and Linseed (reducing redness and inflammation), as well as ZeomaZ, a patented ingredient formulated from Zeolites (micro-porous natural volcanic silicate minerals) and silicate minerals, Zeoderm restores and rejuvenates skin and quickly brings relief from itching.

Ideal for use on cracked or particularly dry skin, Zeoderm is non-sticky, rapidly absorbed and provides maximum moisturisation by penetrating deep into damaged skin. Best used in combination with Bioskin DermaSerum (face) or Bioskin DermaSpray (body, scalp), Bioskin Zeoderm offers extremely effective benefits for dry; damaged, inflamed or irritated skin cells, as well as connective tissue. It is available from SacuraSkinCare in two sizes, 50 ml (£9.99) and 150 ml (£19.99).

Every one of these products is extremely effective in not only relieving the symptoms, but in actually clearing up a variety of discomforting skin conditions. Practical and reasonably priced, they are definitely the perfect answer to bringing a little health and happiness into a loved one’s life this Christmas.

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