The School of Wok Christmas Gifts

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Gifts to Die for from the School of Wok  


From woks and matching lids to signed copies of renowned chef Jeremy Pang’s first book, the School of Wok has a range of exquisite gifts perfect to give your loved ones this Christmas.


Take the brilliant Carbon Steel Non-Stick Wok, for instance. Featuring ergonomic double handles; a non-stick flat bottom and curved sides to help heat circulation, cooking and serving with ease, this excellent wok is suitable for use on any hob and sized just right to create stir-fries; deep-fried dishes or curries for up to 6 people at a time. Great specifically for people worrying about the amount of oil they use in cooking; it has a thin base that quickly heats and will have your favourite dishes ready in a flash. Only need to feed 4 hungry mouths? This marvellous wok is also available in a 12″ version perfect for preparing meals for 4. Priced at £24 and £17 for the 14″ and 12″ versions respectively, these woks make fantastic presents for friends and family who love to cook Chinese food.


There’s no better way to carefully and gently flip your dishes than the School of Wok’s 35-cm Silicone Wok Spatula. Ideal for handling delicate foods like fish, for example, and keeping it ‘whole’ to ensure your dishes are presented to perfection, this spatula (which is suitable for use with both non-stick and uncoated carbon steel woks) is priced at £10 – a small price to pay for such a fabulous tool.


Made from aluminium and featuring bamboo knobs to match the woks’ handles, wok lids are the perfect accessories to turn your woks into the most versatile pieces of kit in your kitchen. Ideal for slow cooking and steaming (and incredibly useful for holding steam baskets in place), they are available in 12″ and 14″ versions (£8 and £10 respectively). I wouldn’t be without mine!


Bamboo steamers are great for creating deliciously tender, healthy food fast. The School of Woks’ 2-tier Bamboo Steamer is a 10″ marvel that has been reinforced (to extend its lifespan) with stitching and will help you create the most delicious vegetables, dumplings and more. Priced at £27.50, it is an affordable must-have for every kitchen.


If your loved one already has a wok; lid, spatula and steamer, why not treat them to chef Jeremy Pang’s book ‘Chinese Unchopped’. Focusing on authentic, creative and easy-to-follow recipes, this fantastic book is priced at only £20. At this price, you might as well treat yourself to a copy while you’re at it…


Where to Buy

All of this exceptionally useful and beautifully crafted gifts can be ordered from the School of Wok’s online gift shop and are subject to a standard delivery charge of £9. You can avoid this charge by collecting your order from the School of Wok in Covent Garden (61 Chandos Pl, London WC2N 4HG).