Sentimo Bespoke Radiator Covers Make Thoughtful Gifts for Home Lovers

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Whether you are treating someone to a ‘New Home’ gift or hope to find something a little special to help someone spruce up their old home, bespoke radiator covers make fantastic, extremely thoughtful gifts for home lovers on any occasion.

Sentimo Custom Made Radiator Covers

Custom made to fit radiators of all sizes and styles (flat or column), Sentimo metal radiator covers come in two finishes – ‘Solid’ or ‘Groove’ – and a multitude of beautiful colours to match any style and colour of decor.

Quick and easy to assemble (the side panels and lattice simply click onto the front panel), Sentimo covers attach to existing radiators via use of strong magnets, meaning they can be installed in no time at all.

Made to order by a metal-processing company in the Netherlands, these covers feature a top-quality finish and optimal heat conduction.

Delivered to Mainland UK addresses within 30 days of the order being confirmed, they come complete with a 3-year guaranty against any kind of manufacturing defect.

My Verdict

Perfect for ‘dressing up’ unsightly radiators, Sentimo bespoke radiator covers are stunning to look at regardless of whether you choose a colour that blends into the background or make the cover a focal point by choosing a contrasting colour.

Easy to order, assemble and install, they make fantastic, reasonably priced and extremely practical ‘New Home’, wedding, birthday or even Christmas gifts for people who like their homes to look ‘just so’. Highly recommended.