Septum Clickers from KarmaSe7en

Image showing four different Septum Clicker designs.

Septum Clickers from KarmaSe7en

Image showing four different Septum Clicker designs.

This is just a small selection of different Septum Clicker designs available from KarmaSe7en.

Made famous by singer, fashion designer and actress Rihanna on the cover of Womans Mag (September ’14 issue), Septum Clickers (commonly known as ‘nose rings’) have become all the rage not only among young women, but also among males.

Rihanna is wearing a Faux Septum Clicker, which simply clips on without the need to go through the pain of having a piecing. Far from being the ‘bull-rings’ people were once accused of wearing, these delightful clickers come in an array of beautiful designs.

Image of Multi Gem Septum Clicker.

Neatly framing the Septum, the Multi Gem Septum Clicker offers a classic look.

Take the Multi-Gem Faux Septum Clicker, for instance. Measuring just 14 mm, this clever little piece of jewellery creates a classic piercing look by neatly framing the septum with a row of tiny gems. Simply clip it on whenever you want to make a fashion statement and ‘whip’ it off again whenever you want. This tidy little septum clicker is available from KarmaSe7en at just ££5.49. Prices for other designs range from £4.95 to £5.95.

Naturally, Karma Se7en also has an exciting range of Septum Clickers for Piercing. Prices here range between £4.95 and £7.99, and again, designs are invariably gorgeous.
£4.95 and £7.99

Image of Solitaire Septum Clicker.

The Solitaire Septum Clicker is exceptionally pretty.

The pretty Solitaire Septum Clicker shown here, for example, is extremely pretty. Made from surgical steel, this clicker is set with Cubic Zirconium crystals. Working on a nifty hinge mechanism, it is exceptionally easy to wear and stays firmly in place. This 14 gauge (1.6 mm) clicker costs just £6.49.

Image of Barbed Wire Septum Clicker open and closed.

Showing great detail, the Barbed Wire Septum Clicker is a unique piece of body jewellery for men.

There are also some great clickers for men. Also made from surgical steel and featuring the safe, comfortable hinge mechanism, these 1.6 mm gauge Barbed Wire Septum Clickers have some fantastic detailing. This unique piece of jewellery is available at just £4.95.

Both Faux Septum Clickers and Septum Clickers for Piercing are outstanding gifts for someone you love, may they be male or female. Gorgeous to look at and affordable, they are suitable for any occasion and will definitely be appreciated by the recipients.

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