Six Fantastic New Books for Christmas

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If you intend to give someone books for Christmas, you may want to take a peek at this selection of six outstanding new books.

Only Daughter

Books for Christmas - Image showing cover of Only DaughterWritten by 28-year-old author Anna Snoekstra and published by MIRA in October 2016, Only Daughter (Paperback: £7.99; eBook: £5.99) is a stunning, twisty and slippery psychological thriller that is full of surprises as it takes a rather chilling look at the past of one woman and the deadly future of another. The web of lies through which this exciting book twists and turns will fascinate and ensnare you – expect to be riveted from page one right through to the bitter end. Packed with dark, violent secrets and subtle, smart red herrings, this outstanding debut by Snoekstra stands out from the crowd. Highly recommended.

Remember My Name

Books for Christmas - Image showing cover of Remember My NamePublished by HQ in October 2016, Remember My Name (Paperback/eBook: £7.99) is a witty, warm romantic comedy written by TV presenter and model Abbey Clancy. The book, Clancy’s debut novel, focuses on Jess, an ordinary Liverpool lass who has dreams of stardom. As her dreams come true and her life is transformed, she loses touch with reality and her roots. All too soon, she realises that her fame has come with a cost. Well worth reading, this fun book has a very easy flowing writing style that makes it a perfect gift for teenage girls.

Tell Me No Lies

Books for Christmas - Image showing cover of Tell Me No LiesWriter Lisa Hall’s latest novel (published by Carina in October 2016), Tell Me No Lies (Paperback: £7.99; eBook: £2.99) is an unforgettable, gripping psychological thriller that will question your most secret fears and have you wondering who you can – or should – trust. Thrilling from start to finish, this book is an addictive, nail-biting read that should not be missed. Unnerving, gripping and highly recommended.



A Pug Like Percy

Books for Christmas - Image showing cover of A Pug Like PercyFiona Perrison’s debut novel A Pug Like Percy (Hardback: £9.99) was published in November 2016, just in time for Christmas – and what a wonderful treat it will make! Cute, happy, sweet and light-hearted, it is a heart-warming tale about   homeless, clever little pug Percy and how he turns into a ‘furry Christmas miracle’ for the family that adopts him. The ideal gift for dog lovers and people who adore delightful animal stories, this book is a must – if you don’t know anyone to give it to, get it for yourself – it’s worth it!

The Food of Love

Books for Christmas - Image showing cover of The Food Of LoveThe Food of Love (Paperback: £8.99; eBook: £3.99) is the latest offering from best-selling author Amanda Prowse. Published on the 1st of December 2016 by Lake Union Publishing, this emotional, powerful book is a harrowing portrayal of the unbearable strain put onto a family by anorexia and bulimia. Inspired by Prowse’s own family history with anorexia, this heart-wrenching, compelling read takes a close look at families, food and raising teenagers in our image conscious, self-obsessed society. A must-read – and don’t forget to have a box of tissues or two at hand.

The Phantom Tree

Books for Christmas - Image showing cover of The Phantom TreeBestselling author Nicola Cornick’s fascination with and love for history, historic novels and costume dramas reflects well in her latest novel, The Phantom Tree (Paperback: £7.99; eBook: £3.99). This gripping read follows the quest of Alison Bannister, who discovers an old, delicate portrait that not only holds the key to a long-forgotten past life, but also unlocks the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Katherine Parr’s daughter, Mary Seymore and the puzzle around Alison’s son.

As the secrets harboured in the shadows of a secret meeting place, Phantom Tree, come to light, Alison’s quest begins to take a dark, foreboding turn. Well written, gripping to the last and eagerly awaited by Cornick fans, this outstanding read will not be released until the 29th of December 2016 – but I highly recommend you get in your pre-order now.