Skylanders Board Games by Tactic Games

Skylanders Board Games by Tactic Games

Tactic Games has injected new life into family Christmas gaming traditions with two new board games, Skylanders Kimble and Skylanders Action Game.


Featuring a colourful, Skylanders themed and extremely durable plastic game board, Skylanders Kimble is an exciting chasing game for players aged five and over. Perfectly balancing luck and skill, the game has players move their four Skylander pawns around the board and into home spaces. How far they can move at any given time is determined by the game’s pop-o-matic die. Priced at £15.99, it is available from Amazon and most good toy/game retailers.

The Skylanders ActionGame (Swap Force) has friends and family members working in teams; moving across different islands and completing mini-challenges (while ensuring their energy meter is not running out) in an effort to collect dice they can use in their final battle with the evil Kaos.


Versatile, interesting and addictive, the game comes complete with an impressive, large and colourful game board; dice, pawns and stickers; cards, discs and a timer, as well as, of course, rules. Encouraging team work and suitable for players aged eight and over, Skylanders Action Game is available from Amazon and good game/toy retailers at an RRP of £29.99.

Both games are great fun to play and will make outstanding gifts for friends and relatives of all ages, whether you purchase them for Christmas, birthdays or other noteworthy occasions (or maybe just because you fancy adding a new game to your collection). As far as Christmas game-playing traditions are concerned, these games will very quickly make their way to the top of the favourites list.

Affordable, thrilling and promising to very quickly become firm family favourites, these games are without doubt worthy must-buy investments as gifts or for yourself this Christmas. More detailed information on them is available from

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