Smorgasboard, a Foodie Game perfect for Christmas

Board games, like food, form an essential part of British Christmas tradition. Thanks to husband & wife team R. Kelly and M. Leonard, it is now possible enjoy a delicious mix of these two essentials in the shape of the brand-new foodie-game Smorgasboard.


Beautifully illustrated by Steve Simpson (award-winning artist), the game has players move around the board in the guise of would-be chefs Les Champs; Mister Broc, Monsier Fromage and Senor Gamba (selected by players/teams at the start of the game). Participating in activities and answering questions related to four food-based categories, players/teams aim to win by becoming the first graduate of Rick’s Culinary Academy. The four categories are:

4Bidden-Fruit – A team member has to describe a food related word within an allocated time without using the word or 4 forbidden words, while the rest of the team tries to guess the word.

Kitchen-Kaos – Here, teams must solve an anagram; identify a missing classic recipe ingredient or spot a ‘spoiler’ that would ruin a classic recipe.

Nuudle-Doodle – In this category, teams must guess a food-related word drawn by one member of the team. To make things a little more interesting (and funny), the player doing the drawing may not lift the pencil off the paper until the word has been guessed correctly.

Tasto-Quest – This category is won by teams correctly answering Multiple Choice, True or False or General Knowledge question within the given time limit.

Priced at £24.99, Smorgasboard is available online directly from or from nationwide John Lewis Stores, as well as a number of independent culinary, game and toy shops around the UK.

Colourful, almost educational and definitely great fun to play, Smorgasboard is without doubt a must-have ingredient and a wonderful gift idea for a fun-packed Christmas with family and friends.

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