Snow Cladonia Mature Skin Care Range

Snow Cladonia Mature Skin Care Range

Health and beauty products make great Christmas presents – and Natura Siberica’s Snow Cladonia Mature Skin Care Range is no exception.

Snow Cladonia Mature Skin Care

Staying green even in the coldest of Siberian Winters, Snow Cladonia, a unique Sibwerian herb, is packed with Usnic Acid, which actively regenerates skin cells and helps to slow the skin’s natural ageing process. The Snow Cladonia Mature Skin Care range includes an Eye Serum (RRP £11.50 for 30 ml), Face Serum (RRP £11.50 for 30 ml) and a lifting Day Cream (RRP £11.50 for 50 ml), as well as a Regenerating Night Cream (RRP £8.60 for 50 ml).


Snow Cladonia Eye Serum

Combining Snow Cladonia with a range of other organic and natural ingredients (including extracts of organic mallow and wild-harvested Dame’s Violet, or Hesperis Sibirica) the Snow Cladonia Eye Serum is a lifting serum that:

  • Diminishes the depth of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Restores elasticity
  • Combats dark circles
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Gives eyes a healthier, more toned look


Snow Cladonia Face Serum

This intensive lifting serum uses a combination of Snow Cladonia and concentrated active ingredients taken from varying Siberian plants including organic chamomile and Siberian Dwarf Pine (wild-harvested) to minimise wrinkles and leave skin looking younger and more radiant within a couple of weeks’ worth of use.

Containing Snow Cladonia, organic wheat oil and extract of Siberian Ashberry (wild-harvested), the Snow Cladonia Day Cream offers SPF-15 skin protection against UV ray-related dehydration and, by actively restoring skin cells and slowing teh ageing process, leaves skin looking visibly younger and more radiant day after day.


Snow Cladonia Night Cream

Using Snow Cladonia; extracts of organic calendula and Siberian Dwarf Pine (wild-harvested), and other active ingredients to stimulate regeneration of skin cells; rehydrate skin and combat free radicals, this effective night cream helps to promote a younger looking, more beautiful appearance.


My Verdict

Available directly from Natura Siberica, these Mature Skin Care products do make a visible difference – and outstanding, affordable beauty gifts for the ‘mature’ women in your life. Highly recommended. Please visit to see the full collection.


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