‘The Snowman’ and Other Personalised Books for Children

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Whether you are looking for Christmas or birthday presents, Penwizard’s personalised books for children make wonderful gifts for all occasions.

Penwizard Personalised Books for Children

Personalised Books for Children - The SnowmanOffering a wide range of popular children’s books, Penwizard enable customers to personalise their books with a child’s name and gender, hair style and colour, skin tone, the colour of their clothing, glasses/no glasses and more. It is even possible to add a personal message to the first page of the book.

I was recently given the opportunity to have a copy of Raymond Briggs’ classic animated adventure, ‘The Snowman’, personalised for my granddaughter.

What I received was a beautifully finished book featuring her name and a perfectly personalised avatar of her (which was really impressive considering the fact that I gave her details by e-mail and the only information concerning her hair style I gave them was ‘it kind of sticks up in all directions’!) throughout the story and across more than 40 of the gorgeous classic illustrations.

My Verdict

I am absolutely delighted with this book – and I know my granddaughter will be, too. All in all, I can honestly say that these books, which are available in softback (£17.99) or hardback (£24.99) versions (and are extremely easy to personalise – I’ve checked!), are of exceptional quality and will make fantastic gifts whatever the occasion may happen to be. Very highly recommended!

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