Sphero Mini

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Perfect as a stocking filler, or for gadget lovers, is the latest robot from Sphero. The Sphero Mini App-Enabled Robotic Ball may be small, but it sure is big in fun! This tiny robotic ball works not only through the Sphero Mini App but also through your facial expressions in the wild new Face Drive feature – how cool is that!!

The ping pong sized Sphero Mini is available in an array of colours (interchangeable shells are available) and is the ultimate robot toy for kids of all ages – yes, even for us grown-ups too!  It comes with a set of 3 mini rubber traffic cones and 6 mini bowling pins, so whoever plays with it can make tricky obstacle courses for your new robot friend to complete. The box also comes complete with a micro USB charging cable and details for the Sphero Play app (available for download in App Store and Google Play), and the Sphero Edu app (available for download on iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac, Windows, and Chrome). The box itself is small enough to fit into stockings this Christmas too!

You can control the Sphero Mini in many ways, each one being just as much fun as the other. The joystick allows you to touch and drag your finger on the screen of your phone (or other device), changing the direction and speed as you go. The simplest, for me anyway, is tilt mode which will let you tilt your phone in whichever direction you want the Sphero mini to move – the further the tilt, the faster you go! Slingshot works like a slingshot should, simply touch and pull back on the screen for a power burst. And the coolest of all modes – Face Drive, using facial recognition to drive! You can smile to go forward, make a sad face to go backwards, or frown, tilt your head left and right, or pull any weird faces and see how your Sphero Mini moves with your expressions – so much fun!

The Sphero Mini has got to be one of the top buys this Christmas. It’s small, affordable and is packed full of fun. Sphero Mini has a RRP of £49.99 and is available from Sphero.com and major UK retailers including Sphero.com, Amazon UK and Firebox.