Summer Drinks from Aldi

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Ahh, don’t you just love the summer months?  An excuse to sit outside in the heavenly sunshine and having the thirst quenching, refreshing drink in hand!  Whether you are looking for a refreshing fruity cider, a delicious cocktail, or a glass of award winning wine, you can find it all at your local Aldi.  Having sampled a few tipples myself, I have listed my top summer alcoholic beverages below –

Toro Loco Rosè – £3.79 (75cl)

An affordable Rosè that doesn’t fault on taste is a huge plus, and with this Toro Loco Rosè that’s exactly what you get!  You can enjiy the taste of Spain in your own garden this summer, minus the charges of travelling!  Aldi say – “With aromas of raspberry and cherry, and a hint of citrus, this award winning rosé is perfect to savour with friends on a hot summer afternoon”. I couldn’t agree more!!


NEW Alska Fruit Cider Raspberry & Peach – £1.49 (500ml)

Oh my, this has got to be the best fruit cider I have ever tasted – it doesn’t even taste of cider!! This sumptuous cider has a blend of seasonal fresh wild raspberries and plump juicy peaches.  The fruitiness of this cider makes it extra mouth-watering fresh and juicy.  I now look forward to hot sunny days, lounging outside with the girls with a large glass of this cider served over ice.  There really will be no better way to keep cool under the rays!


NEW Alska Fruit Cider Pear & Lychee – £1.49 (500ml)

Mmmm, another tantalising summer tipple, fresh and delectably divine!! As with the above, this cider is something else – and really does stand out in taste from your average bottle of cider.  With Asian tangs or beautiful lychee and pear, this combination of flavours are a match made in heaven.  Another cider to be in joyed with ice in a large glass, you will feel ultra-summery sipping this as well as feeling totally refreshed.


All Alska ciders are 100{beaaa18c7111f78171f7049db4a26534557444383bfe8747491a307dda3fec2c} natural, vegan friendly and gluten free.  I know that I will always have a supply in my fridge this summer!!

To have a look at all the summer drinks that Aldi have available, please visit