‘Sunsation Flame’ – a Great Gift for Gardeners

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Still looking for late Father’s Day gifts? Looking to treat a green-fingered relative or friend to a special birthday gift? The ‘Sunsation Flame’ sunflower seeds make a great gift for gardeners.

‘Sunsation Flame’

Sunsation Flame Seed Gift for Gardeners 1Set to produce a rich, long-lasting crop of stunningly beautiful, cheerful flowers and accredited with the RHS’s “Award of Gdren Merit” for its long blooming period, second bloom (late summer) and good structure, the ‘Sunsation Flame’ seeds are bound to bring a touch of Mediterranean sunshine into any garden or home.

Available from retailers across the UK at an SRP of £2.99, the ‘Sunsation Flame’ flower head features a dark inner heart that is strikingly contrasted by a surrounding golden circle and bright yellow petal tips.

Unlike other varieties, this sunflower enjoys fantastic longevity, Sunsation Flame Seed Gift for Gardeners 2because it has multiple buds. Each flower ‘radiates’ for several weeks before reaching its bloom’s end, at which point another bud will come into bloom. It is also limited in height (9 – 13 cm), which means it will sit quite comfortably wherever you choose to place it.

In addition to being compact in size, it is also highly adaptable and easy to care for, which means it will thrive as well in your kitchen as it will in the garden. All it needs to fill your space with sunshine is a sunny spot, regular wateing and a little plant food every two weeks or so.

My Verdict

A packet of seeds may not seem much of a gift, but the weeks, even months of joy this delightful sunflower will bring into someone’s life make it a very thoughtful, caring gift that will be received with glee. I haven’t had time to see my sample grow yet, but I am certainly looking forward to it! Highly recommended.

More information on the ‘Sunsation Flame’ is available here.