Sweet Christmas Treats from Haribo

Picture of Haribo Chilly Penguin box

Sweet Christmas Treats from Haribo

Christmas is simply not the same without lots of sweet treats, and what better way than to treat loved ones to a selection of sweet treats from Haribo?!

Being a life-long fan of Haribo, I am definitely biased, but I recently had the pleasure of sampling some of this year’s Christmas treats and can honestly say they are sweet deals for sure.

Picture of Haribo Chilly Penguin boxThe 232 g Chilly Penguin Gift Box (£1 to £2), for instance, is not only cute to look at, it is also packed with 7 bags of different Haribo delights, including jelly sweets in varying shapes and forms and a bag of tiny marshmallows perfect for eating on their own or sprinkling on top of hot chocolate (yummy!).

Picture of Haribo Minions Gift BoxAnother scrumptious treat we (shame, my husband loves them too…) sampled was the 380 g Haribo Minion Gift Box (£1 to £3). As usual the contents, a bag of minion-character shaped jelly sweets, were utterly delicious and disappeared in no time at all

Picture of square Haribo Stramix Gift TubeFinally, we ‘reviewed’ the square 120 g Haribo Starmix Gift Tube (around £1), which contained four fun-size bags of Haribo Starmix. Offering a wonderful variety of shapes, textures and flavours, the Starmix is definitely one of my favourites (I am, as a matter of fact, munching my through a bag right now), although I am equally partial to Tangfastics (which are also available in regular and giant size gift tubes).

With prices starting at around £1 and even larger boxes and tubs being reasonably priced (depending on the retailer, an 800 g Starmix/Tangfastics Duo Tub, for example, only costs between £8 and £10, while 720 g Haribo Share the Fun Tubs are priced between £5 and £15, again depending on where you get one), these treats are definitely the perfect gifts and stocking fillers for the whole family.

All of Haribo’s Christmas treats are available from most supermarkets and grocers across the country, as well as many online retailers. Just a small word of warning, though – make sure you get plenty of Haribo treats in, because they are definitely addictive 🙂

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