TabletTV, a Gift of Freedom

TabletTV, a Gift of Freedom

Imagine giving someone a gift this Christmas that allows them to watch and record Freeview channels anywhere, any time and free of the need to pay for subscriptions of any kind or having to find a reliable WiFi, 3G or 4G network to log into. Sounds too good to be true? Not any more…

With the simple TabletTV device, all you or someone you love needs to watch and/or record your/their favourite channels whenever they want and wherever they go is an android tablet or iPad; a TV signal and the downloadable (free from Google Play or the App Store) TabletTVUK app.

TabletTV Portable Tuner

The TabletTV device is available in two versions, the Portable Tuner (RRP £69.99) and the Mains Tuner (RRP £64.99). The battery-powered (rechargeable battery included) Portable Tuner features an integrated aerial and easily fits into a bag or pocket, making it perfect for outdoor use or while trying to keep kids entertained during prolonged journeys.

The Mains Tuner, as the name suggests, is mains-powered and can, if desired, be connected to an existing household aerial.

TabletTV Portable Tuner with iPad

Both tuners allow watching, recording and, of course, playback of live TV without Internet, satellite or cable connections in most European countries absolutely free and without waiting times, buffering or authentication. One-touch-recording enables easy recording and catching up with favourite shows wherever you are, and the home network feature enables easy switching between the Internet and TV, allowing users to join in social media conversations without interruption to their viewing.

Available from the TabletTV Website and Amazon, this device is a gift that provides recipients with the freedom to enjoy their beloved shows any time and any place; keep the kids happy during long flights; drives or while out camping and more at the touch of a button. Christmas gifts do not come much better than this.

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