Taskmaster The Board Game – Review

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“A game of extraordinary tasks for ordinary people!”

If you are a fan of The Taskmaster show, you are going to love this. If you have never seen the show, you are also going to love this.

After giving the Taskmaster game a good trial, it is fair to say this is the board game we all need this year – the emphasis is clearly on having a lot of fun, something mostly in deficit in the year 2020…

The standard board game setup applies here and the rules are simple to follow. You receive a secret task at the start that has to be completed during the course of the game, a secret task example below –

Say the word moist loudly and clearly at least 6 times during the game



Forget Trivial Pursuit or the tantrum-inducing Monopoly, Taskmaster is the new king of board games.

Like the show, it does not take itself seriously in any way – and this is where board games can sometimes become tedious and testing.

Un-tedious example task:

Make the tallest unsupported tower of salty things, you have 6 minutes, your time starts now


You might think the game is suited for adults, but going through the tasks, this looks like it would easily apply to all ages and might be more fun bringing together the whole family.

Make the worst smell. You have 7 minutes, your time starts now


Having said that, playing with a group of adults who may have had a glass or two would certainly be a lively experience. I cannot wait for the time I can get my mates together and play this!

Draw a mark exactly 21.5cm up the Taskmaster’s leg without using any type of tape measure or ruler. Most accurate mark wins.


The game itself has been well manufactured and the thought process into the game’s workings is clear. It does represent the show in a really good way.

I hope many families get to play this over the Christmas break – I have a feeling it will create bright memories to shine on these bleak times.

Thoroughly recommended.